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Trinity College London CertTESOL (Certificate in TESOL)

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The Trinity College London CertTESOL is a preliminary TEFL qualification which is Teaching English photorecognised globally and fully accredited by the British Council.

TLI runs 4 week intensive courses leading to the award of the Certificate at our premises in the centre of Edinburgh, Scotland.

We have many years experience operating the course and our family team take great pride in the level of support we are able to give our trainees. We have virtually a 100% pass rate for the Certificate course so we are very confident that all trainees will have the best possible chance to get through the ESOL students 2course with a valid teaching certificate at the end of it.


When you are here you will learn how to teach English to speakers of other languages. Naturally this will involve learning about the different methodologies involved in teaching EFL / ESL but you will also learn about grammar, phonetics and a range of issues surrounding the EFL industry.

Many trainees assume that much of the course will be about grammar and indeed many are put off doing the course because they feel their grammar is poor. In reality, the course focuses on a communicative approach to teaching so classroom teaching techniques and the Teaching Practice you do will be considered more important.


Unlike many “online” or “weekend” TEFL courses, the Trinity course involves at least 6 hours of Teaching Practice. This means you will stand up in front of and teach classes of real learners while you are here. Since the object of the course is to prepare you to go out into the world and teach, this component of the course is heavily weighted and indeed you must pass this component to be awarded the certificate.

TLI trainees usually start off teaching half hour classes before progressing to a full hour later in the course. Before teaching a class by yourself you will observe experienced teachers in action and be guided in preparing for your own lessons.


As well as Teaching Practice you will be required to complete a few assignments. There are a couple of reports to write, a few short grammar exercises and some phonetics assignments. These assignments are given throughout the course so there is no final exam. If you have performed badly in some assignments you will know early on and therefore be able to “catch up” by doing well on later ones. All trainees must pass Teaching Practice which, again, is continually assessed.


You will almost certainly have seen many different abbreviations and acronyms while searching for a course to do. TEFL TESOL TESL EFL ESOL ESL TOEFL CertTESOL CELTA DELTA etc………………………. Understandably you might be a little confused and unsure who to believe and who to trust. Basically, there are a lot of different acronyms in use to describe what is essentially the same thing i.e. teaching English to people who speak other languages. The most common acronym in use is TEFL which refers both to the qualifications available and to the industry itself. The other acronyms usually have a “T” which obviously refers to “teaching” but they can differ in the wording that comes after e.g. TESOL (Teaching English to speakers of other languages) TESL (Teaching English as a second language) You should really only be interested in TWO qualifications: Trinity College London and Cambridge Both Trinity and Cambridge accredit initial certificate courses (CertTESOL and CELTA) and higher level TEFL Diplomas (LTCL Diploma and DELTA) These qualifications are internationally recognised and accepted by employers all over the world. Furthermore both qualifications are externally moderated which means all the courses available are monitored for consistency and validity.


The TLI course runs for 4 weeks. It starts on Monday morning and finishes on the Friday of the 4th week. Trainees are required to attend classes Mon-Fri from 9am to 5.30pm but these times are only a guide as during Teaching Practice you may be required to teach evening classes. Breaks are given throughout the day and a full hour is provided for lunch. Although weekends are free, trainees may have assignments to complete and/or classes to prepare so we recommend that you try to devote a few hours at the weekend to your course. The final Friday of the course is moderation day where an official from Trinity College London comes to check that the course was run according to Trinity standards and that your work and performance has been fairly assessed.


Unfortunately TLI cannot offer onsite accommodation for you during your course but we can certainly organise a suitable place for you to stay while you are here in Edinburgh. Options available to trainees are:

If you let us know we will book the option that suits you best. Remember that it is an offence to smoke in a public place in Scotland so we are unable to arrange rooms with smoking facilities.


The following areas are covered in the TLI Trinity CertTESOL course:


Entrance to the Trinity College London CertTESOL is open to all native and non-native speakers of English who have University entrance qualifications in their own country. Other applications will be considered from people who can demonstrate a genuine interest in language or teaching. The minimum age for trainees is 18 on the first day of the course.