About us

Our English Language School

In the early 1960’s we moved to Africa to pursue a career in English teaching and English teacher training. We spent about 15 years teaching in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.

After a couple of years teaching technical English in Libya we then moved to Brunei where we spent 8 years teaching in Chinese schools and government colleges.

In 1990 we opened TLI English School in Pontevedra in Spain and also started to do Trinity College London Teacher Training (TEFL) courses.

14 years ago we opened TLI English school here in Edinburgh after deciding to come home after many years teaching abroad.

We are a family run school and our founders’ philosophy of communicative teaching and getting our learners to speak English quickly and effectively is of the greatest importance to all of our teachers.

Our beautiful premises in Edinburgh are a lovely environment in which to study and we now offer English Language Courses, TEFL courses, translation services and Exam preparation courses.

Our philosophy is to teach communicative English so that when you finish a course with us you are better able to speak to people and understand the English that is in real use today.

We won’t waste your money by giving you lots of exercises to do in class when you could be practising to speak. We will also make sure that the type of things you study are relevant to you and to improving your overall level of English.

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