Becoming an English Language School Agent for us

If you are interested in representing TLI Edinburgh School of English overseas then we are interested in you.

We are particularly interested in Agents in the following locations: China, Korea, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Brazil, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya, Germany.

We would like to hear from agents from all other countries too.

English schools and agents have a very positive relationship as they help each other. Of course the English school needs to enrol as many students as it can and the agent wants to send the school as many students as he or she can.

This leads to a mutual interest which can develop into a long and successful partnership. We will normally give agents at least 15% of the total course fee of a student who enrols through that agent.

This can amount to a very large sum particularly during the “OFF PEAK” season when schools need agents more and more.

You can be an agent simply by finding people who want to learn English and directing them to our school. How you do this is your decision but generally agents have contacts in schools and travel agencies around the world.

You could even set up a website that performs well in searches for English courses and refer the enquiries to our school.

If you would like to register as one of our agents please send an email to or phone us on 0044 (0)131 2266975.

After checking references we will add you to our database and accept business from you immediately.