Terms and Conditions


All TLI English Language students will be required to complete a registration / enrolment form before attending a course.

Information given will be kept confidential however TLI reserve the right to pass on information to appropriate government departments and the Police. Student registration must take place before a place on a course is offered.

Non-Arrival / Cancellations

Refunds of course fees paid in advance will be given under the following circumstances:

  • 100% of course fees if course is cancelled 12 weeks or more in advance.
  • 80% of course fee if course is cancelled 8-11 weeks in advance.
  • 50% of course fee if course is cancelled 4-10 weeks in advance.
  • 25% of course fee if course is cancelled 2-3 weeks in advance.
  • No refund will be given if course is cancelled less than two weeks in advance.
  • No course fees will be refunded to students who arrive later than 1 week after the booked course start date although if a student arrives within 4 weeks after the booked start date a new start date will be offered.

TLI will normally refund course fees paid in advance if an individual has extenuating circumstances such as illness or family bereavement.


  • TLI will not give any refunds of course fees for classes missed by students.
  • TLI reserves the right to cancel a course if attendance by a student falls below 80%. This percentage will only be calculated after 2 weeks.
  • Non-attendance by non-EU nationals will be reported to the appropriate government authorities.


Misconduct – Students will be given a written warning for:

  • Repeated absence / tardiness without reasonable cause
  • Bullying *
  • Abusive behaviour*
  • Misuse of computers / internet (e.g. viewing inappropriate web content)
  • Consuming food in class
  • Repeated failure to complete coursework and homework without reasonable cause


Gross Misconduct – Students will be excluded from school without reimbursement of fees for:

  • Violent behaviour
  • Consuming alcohol and / or illegal substances / Being drunk on school premises
  • Smoking inside school building
  • Theft or wilful damage to school property
  • 3 written warnings
  • Racial abuse to other students / staff *

In addition to the rules set out above, TLI English Language School request that all students:

  • Behave in a polite and kind manner to all other students
  • Dress in an appropriate manner
  • Refrain from consuming food and hot drinks outside the common room / kitchen

*How to recognise bullying / aggressive / racist behaviour and what you should do:

Bullying – Bullying is when a student or member of staff attempts to intimidate another student or member of staff physically or mentally or when they make insulting comments.

Racial Abuse – Racial abuse is when a student or member of staff makes unpleasant comments about another student or members of staff’s colour, nationality and / or religion.

Abusive behaviour – Abusive behaviour is when a student or member of staff makes unpleasant comments about someone else’s physical appearance and / or intellectual ability.

What you should do: If you see or hear about any of these types of behaviour you should IMMEDIATELY inform a member of the school staff. If you prefer, you may do it in writing. DO NOT try to deal with the situation by yourself. DO NOT approach or respond to a student who is behaving in a bad way.