If you need accommodation while studying with us we can offer homestay accommodation. Homestay accommodation means living with a local family in their home and experiencing life as a member of that family.

NB. We only offer homestay accommodation for students aged 16 and over (except where the student is part of a group).

We work very closely with a long established local agency to provide homestay accommodation.

Please note that homestay accommodation can be with a family, a couple or even a single person. We CANNOT guarantee which type of household you will be staying with.
Also, it is important to remember that you may have to SHARE a room during busy periods e.g. May – October.


If you decide to rent your own accommodation in Edinburgh you will be 100% responsible for this. We cannot help you find your own accommodation and we cannot recommend any accommodation.
When you rent your own accommodation in Edinburgh you will usually have to pay all of the following:

at least one month’s rent in advance
at least one month’s rent in advance as a deposit
an agent’s fee
monthly council tax

Usually you will have to sign a contract for at least 6 months. You may lose your deposit at the end of the rent period if you do not leave the accommodation in the same condition as you find it when you first moved in.

You may need reference documents from past employers / landlords


You will not be a homestay with more than 3 other students (so a maximum of 4 students per homestay). You will also not have more than 1 other student in your room (so a maximum of 2 students per room).

You should not have other students who have the same first language as you in the homestay but, if they have permission from their parents, 2 students in a different room from you might be speakers of the same language.


As part of your homestay accommodation you will be given 16 meals per week. That is, breakfast and an evening meal from Monday until Friday and breakfast, lunch and an evening meal at the weekends. Sometimes, your host person or family will allow you to cook for yourself and / or help yourself to snacks etc.. in the kitchen.


Your washing will be done for you in your homestay. Towels and bed linen are also provided and will be regularly washed.


Occasionally your host person or family will offer to take you on a day trip and / or night out with them. You are, of course, welcome to make your own plans for evenings and weekends but often the students enjoy these trips and it can help to settle in with your host person or family.


Remember that it is a good idea to book your accommodation early. During busy times you may have to share a room. All rooms, however, have a desk for you to work at and do your homework, a wardrobe for you to keep your clothes in and a window with curtains.
Sometimes your room will have a television and even a DVD player. Although this is sometimes the case, we cannot guarantee this.


All homestay accommodation we offer is in Edinburgh. You may have to use a bus or tram service to get to the school and back to your accommodation. All our homestay accommodation is within 5 minutes walk of a local bus or tram service stop. See below for bus prices.


If you wish to book homestay accommodation while you are doing your English course please indicate that you need it on our course booking form. We will send you details of your accommodation with confirmation of the address, dates and your hosts contact details. Please note that accommodation must be paid for in advance (at least 3 weeks before you move in).


Single tickets – One journey, any distance – Available on-bus Adult (£2) Children 5-15 years old (£1) (NOT VALID ON NIGHT BUSES OR AIRPORT BUS)

Day tickets – Unlimited journeys – Available on-bus Adult (£5 or £4.80 if you tap using your bank card or smartphone) Children 5-15 years old (£2.50)


Food provided
Linen provided
Near buses / tram stops

Prices 2024

£185 per week
(£50 one time finders fee)

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